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2024 Nebraska Military Volunteer of
the Year Award

heARTS for Healing, Inc is pleased to announce the 2024 Nebraska Military Volunteer of the Year Award.  The annual Nebraska Military Volunteer of the Year award recognizes one adult and one youth who dedicate their time to the betterment of the community. Werner Enterprises and Cara Loken, 2016 Armed Forces Insurance National Guard Spouse of the Year and 2021 Scheels Hero of the Year for Nebraska, have partnered to identify those individuals who are demonstrating a commitment to civic engagement through philanthropic activities. 

2024 Youth Award:

Ayden Martin

Ayden has been a volunteer at the Nebraska National Guard Museum for the last 10 years!  In that time this exceptional young man was involved in numerous projects and outreach efforts to promote interest in Nebraska military history.  He was involved in the documentary, "The Craftsman: Preserving the Last Higgins Boat"- a key piece of World War II D-Day history now preserved and on display at the Nebraska National Guard Museum.  A trusted ambassador, he has escorted dignitaries around the museum sharing his knowledge and excitement to share the exhibits and collections of the Nebraska National Guard Museum.  His "can do" attitude has won him praises from Museum staff and from nationally known history actors for his commitment, dependability, and willingness to jump in on a task.  heARTs for Healing, Inc and Werner Enterprises are proud to name Ayden as our 2024 Youth Military Volunteer of the Year Award recipient.  Congratulations, Ayden!

BG photo: NE National Guard Museum

NENGMuseum Open.jpg

2024 Adult Award:

Perris Scott

Perris' dedication and unwavering commitment to the military community resulted in profound impacts locally and beyond.  She leads and lives by example, using her skills as a Certified Personal Trainer to inspire her fellow Airmen and members of her church community to live better, healthier lives through nutrition and exercise regimens.  While attending an Air Force Leadership School in Montgomery, AL, she contributed to her time and talent to a blood donation drive and Food Pantry distribution, saving lives and assisting those with food insecurity.   Back at home in  Nebraska, she is an active member of her church congregation and its outreach to the larger community in distributing boxes of food and toiletries, hot meals, toys clothing, and personal care to individuals and families throughout the year.    A fellow church member said this:

"Perris's tireless dedication and unwavering commitment have had a profound impact on both the military community and the wider society. Through her efforts, she has not only provided essential resources and support to those in need but has also fostered a sense of unity and compassion within the communities she serves. Her initiatives have touched the lives of hundreds of individuals and families, offering them hope, comfort, and a brighter future."


We  agree.  Congratulations Perris on being our 2024 Nebraska Military Volunteer of the Year Award winner!  

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Sponsoring the eighth annual Nebraska Military Volunteer of the Year award shows Werner's strong commitment to the military community, especially here in our home state of Nebraska. This award recognizes the great work of military members and their families in making their communities better, which is in line with what we aim to do through our Operation Freedom program. Through this program, we've set up a solid plan to help military members and their families move into civilian jobs, especially in transportation and logistics. Our tagline, “Average Is For Other People,” shows that we aim to work with exceptional individuals, a description that fits well with the recipients of this award. We are proud to sponsor this award.

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